Newbie Guide

How to Join

Membership in The Red Chair is by invitation. You must be at least 19 years old, and have met with someone in leadership at least twice in person to join. This means that we need to meet you at least twice and get to know you a bit before we invite you to participate in our various events. The usual way to do this is by attending a few munches, which are normally held every other Wednesday in Birmingham. You can see dates and locations for these on our calendar.

This screening process helps us protect the confidentiality of our members, while ensuring that prospective members understand the nature of TRC.

Finally, we have reciprocal agreements with similar groups in the region, and members of those are allowed to join TRC with no additional requirements. In addition, we follow a “common sense” policy regarding those who are well known by individuals who are well established in trusted in our community.

For other situations, fill out the contact form, and we’ll let you know what policies apply.

General Event Etiquette

  • Always remain respectful of others and their property.
  • If you see something you are curious about, our members would be happy to show you their toys or equipment.

Munch Location

Books, Beans and Candles: 1620 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd S, Birmingham, AL 35205

FAQs: Munches

FAQs: Play Party Etiquette

Okay, so you’ve met the requirements, been to a few munches, or been talked into it by your best friend. You're about to attend your first BDSM play party. Congratulations! Chances are you have a few ideas about what to expect.

Every club is different, but every club is made up of regular, everyday people. We aren't billionaires, horror movie predators, supermodels, escaped mental patients, or gullible dolls waiting to be exploited. We are mothers & fathers, soccer moms & stay-at-home dads, executives & college students, mechanics & truck drivers. We just happen to be into BDSM. Everyone has their own relationships, kinks, and fantasies. Lots of them are probably compatible with yours!

Here are a few tips on being respectful and polite, so you'll be more likely to have fun in this awesome place.