Consent Policy

TRC’s Consent Policy & Consent Incident Reporting Process

Consent is a core component of any healthy BDSM / kink community. TRC is committed to supporting a safe environment for our community and the TRC Consent Policy is meant to protect that commitment.

What is Consent?

The Red Chair defines Consent as a clear agreement between all parties to participate in a given activity and that Consent must be freely given, revocable, informed, ongoing, and specific! All TRC officers, directors, members and their guest(s) are expected to respect everyone’s consent, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, orientation, kinks, roles, or relationships. No one is exempt from the TRC Consent policy and all reports of consent violation are reviewed impartially, and confidentially, by ONLY the TRC Consent Team. We must ALL work together to look out for each other’s safety and to speak up against any behavior that could harm someone.

Examples of Violations of TRC’s Consent Policy include, but are not limited to:

  • Harassment or unwanted sexual advances

  • Violation of personal space or boundaries of a person (or their property) that continues after boundaries stated

  • Unnegotiated play or renegotiating limits once scene has started

  • Ignoring a safeword or stated hard limit

  • Non Consensual physical assault or abuse

Remember, consent can be withdrawn at ANY time. To withdraw consent, say so! If someone withdraws consent, IMMEDIATELY stop all activity/action. At the TRC playspace, the simplest way to revoke consent is to use the house safeword: "Red!" If someone says, "Red!" a dungeon monitor will check in on their scene, ensuring everything/everyone is ok, or to call an end to the scene if needed/desired. If you need to talk to someone right away, please speak with any TRC officer or director or the Manager on Duty (MOD) at the TRC party (their name will be listed on the whiteboard by the front office, or you can ask the front desk staff). Even if you speak with someone immediately, please also fill out the Consent Incident Report!

Completing A Consent Incident Report

If you need to make TRC aware of questionable behaviors/actions of a TRC member, someone seeking to be vetted for membership, or someone seeking to attend an event as a guest but its not a direct consent violation, please email the information to versus completing this form. Leadership will review the matter and communicate accordingly with the Membership Coordinator as needed.

The Consent Incident Report should be completed to report violations of consent made by any TRC member (even an officer or director) and even if the violation occurred outside of the TRC playspace/a TRC event; the report should be completed by the person whose consent was violated, not by anyone else on their behalf. The Consent Team will review the report and communicate with the person reporting (see additional instructions/context on the form). Please note, the Consent Team are volunteers with real world responsibilities; we work diligently to respond as timely as possible to all reports received and we appreciate your partnership and patience.